Welcome to the new RachelMillsPiano.com!


When I established my private piano studio in 2009, I used Music Teachers Helper (MTH) to help myself get organized and communicate with clients. I can’t say enough good things about how helpful and time saving this tool has been, but lately I’ve been looking for a website layout that’s more personalized than what I can get with MTH’s stock templates.

One of my adult students is a web designer and video editor for Express, and mentioned that she was taking on some freelance work. Kaleah’s work and design aesthetic really appealed to me, so I hired her to design a logo and website for the studio. She also took photos of the studio, myself and my students, and even some live performance shots at one of my concerts with singer Abbie Stands. I am so appreciative of Kaleah’s great work over the past few months, and also to my students who were “models” for our photo shoots: Jamie Lee, Lucy, Gabriel, David and Vickie. Thank you!

Working with my student, David, in the studio.

Now I have the best of both MTH and a personalized website. I still use MTH for my many business needs – I wouldn’t be able to survive without it! Current students can still log in to MTH to access their calendar, lesson notes, practice log, invoices, studio documents, and so forth. New students can still register through MTH when they become part of the studio.

The new look of the website is a better reflection of myself and the studio, with content layout and navigation that is clean and easy to use. So whether you are a current student or someone looking for piano lessons, please click around the new website and feel free to contact me any time!